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Donating to U-Help

We invite you to join us in supporting the dedicated workers of the Ukrainian film industry who are selflessly fighting to protect their country. Your generous donations (to U-Help, details below) can make a profound impact on their lives and the future of Ukrainian cinema.

Donate to U-Help using the following details:

Account name: U-HELP AFUO

BSB: 704-235

Account number: 00015958

Reference: Filmfest

OR (For Credit Card)

Follow the link below and when entering your donation

add the text "UAFF"

at the end of your surname













You can read more about U-Help at

Here's why your donation matters:


  1. Empowering the Frontline Heroes: The filmmakers and industry professionals standing up for Ukraine are not just artists but also real-life heroes risking their lives for their nation. Your contribution acknowledges their bravery and offers vital support as they balance their artistic pursuits with defending their homeland.

  2. Preserving Ukrainian Culture: Ukraine boasts a rich cultural heritage, and its film industry plays a vital role in preserving and promoting its unique traditions. By donating, you actively contribute to the preservation of Ukrainian culture, ensuring that future generations can continue to experience the beauty and diversity of this remarkable nation.

  3. Inspiring Hope and Resilience: Films have the remarkable ability to inspire, educate, and foster empathy. Your donation supports the creation of powerful stories that shed light on the struggles, triumphs, and aspirations of Ukrainians. By sharing these narratives with the world, we can help shape a better future and inspire global audiences to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

  4. Your donation, no matter the size, will have a significant impact on the lives of those working tirelessly to defend Ukraine and preserve its cinematic heritage. Together, let's empower these dedicated individuals, amplify their voices, and ensure that the power of film continues to shine bright in the face of adversity.


Donate to U-Help today and become a catalyst for change.


Join us in standing with Ukraine and making a difference through the magic of cinema!


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