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SUNDAY 28/05/23
11:00 PM

  • Svitlana Lishchynska


    Documentary «Treasures of Verona» («Веронські скарби») (2019), documentary almanac «Invisible Battalion» («Невидимий Батальйон») (2017)

  • Oksana Pavlova

  • Writer

  • Nadiia Hrachova


    General Producer: «Movie Performance. People's Malakhii!» («Кіно-Перформанс. Народний Малахій!») (2019); Executive Producer: The Choice / Вибір (2019); Creative Producer: Treasures of Verona / Веронські скарби, AU / АУ, Eastward / На схід, Висота 307.5 (2019), The Hydra / Гідра, Luhansk Outpost / Луганський форпост (2018)

Director Biography

 Svitlana Lishchynska

Those who believe in you — make you a winner!

«Ballroom King» documentary offers research on a true essence of dance seeing the dance as a tool that may help one to find love, to change the country of residence, to bring time back, to heal emotional and physical wounds, and to become the best version of yourself after all!
In the Ukrainian village of Novi Sanzhary lives a boy named Makar, who dreams of becoming a ballroom dancing teacher. But there are no conditions for development in the village school, and Poltava, the nearest town, is in 30 km.

The Poltava Ball School used to be one of the strongest in the Soviet Union, it was founded by the legendary Petro Gorgol. He still continues his work, popularizing ballroom dancing throughout the Poltava region. Many students of Petro Gorgol have achieved global success and have their own schools around the world.

One of them is Alex Ivanets. He is a multiple champion of England, owns a school in Southampton, he judges the prestigious ballroom dancing competition Blackpool Dance Festival. But in the early of his dancing career he had to walk 10 km to get to Petro Gorgol's classes.

Makar will probably have to overcome a lot of difficulties in the way to his dream, too. Is he determined enough to take this way?

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